Unlock your next-level Software solution with TellusR

By incorporating machine learning and advanced search capabilities, software companies can not only stay competitive but also offer innovative solutions that address evolving user needs and expectations.

With TellusR you can take the first step on your AI-strategy. TellusR will greatly improve the user experience for your end users. She will easily find the relevant documents, limited by what she is allowed to see, across archives. TellusR will catapult your software solution to the forefront of the AI race, with technology that is under your control and deployed on your preferred cloud.

Pain points

  • Most software companies are being challenged by their customers to come up with AI solutions to prove that they are on top of the trends in the market
  • Many software solutions were developed several years ago on different technology platforms that what you find today.  To find relevant information, the end user needs to know the system and its architecture very well. Whether in CRM systems, ERP systems and many other software solutions this is the problem.

TellusR solution

  • Searching for relevant information in various archives in legacy systems may be painful and difficult, especially for new users of a software solution.

The benefits

  • Implementing TellusR  as part of your software solutions, will simplify information retrieval and user experience , especially for new end users and hence improve the value of your software solution. 
  • In TellusR, the software company will get a partner that delivers the first step in your AI-strategy .
  • In addition, with TellusR you will get a partner that will not eat into your core services but continue to help you become successful.

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