Complex documents & Information extraction

Large and complex product information, often in PDF format, makes details of product information difficult to access. This is a common problem in the construction industry, which raises the threshold for being a good orderer.

Customer story: Fritzøe Engros is one of Norway’s largest building materials companies. The company uses TellusR’s AI-based search and chat technology to make product information more accessible.

– With TellusR set up against our own data, the aim is to gain easier access to our own product information. By making search and chat available against our database for product information, we can now easily “talk to the documents”. If the first phase proves successful, we will also release the solution to our customers in the customer portal. This will obviously increase both the degree of self-service and customer satisfaction, says Magnus Bakken, CDO at Fritzøe Engros.

Fritzøe Engros and their pain points

Enormous amounts of information, which are often also stored in pdf format, are a widespread problem in the construction industry. It creates barriers and friction.

TellusR reads documents (PDFs) that are hundreds of pages long and possibly in several languages. TellusR breaks the document into searchable chunks and presents the right part of the document to the buyer at the right time in the right language.

TellusR solution

TellusR has been specially developed to make large amounts of data available and reads through all internal documentation, divides the documents and pdfs into natural sections and describes them.

This facilitates the retrieval of specific sections of product information. TellusR can then use this to feed an optional generative AI with very specific product information. In this way, TellusR increases the generative AI’s precision, credibility and speed.

TellusR in combination with a generative AI highlights detailed product information and makes it possible to “chat” with the product descriptions.

The benefits

Advanced search and retrieval of the right product information from sections of the documentation (also PDF) as well as the ability to ask detailed questions to the product documentation, reduce delays, increase the quality of orders and reduce unnecessary working hours.

In addition, returns due to wrong orders are reduced, which results in increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

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