Unlock your next-level Public sector solution with TellusR

In the public sector, where there is often a vast amount of information and numerous users seeking specific documents, TellusR can significantly enhance findability.

TellusR help your employees to perform their tasks in a more efficient, secure and reliable way. This is achieved by using TellusR advanced search and insight technology installed in your preferred cloud. TellusR will search for documents, text elements of relevant text in other relevant cases across document archives and structures. TellusR will get the most relevant documents back (the ones it is allowed to see) and then decide the next steps.

Pain points

  • All inhabitants should be treated fair and equal.  So when a case worker is handling a case involving a person and his/her rights , it is crucial to be able to compare similar cases to ensure fairness.  Searching for similar cases is time consuming and quality is not guaranteed.

TellusR solution

  • All relevant documents in the relevant archives accessible by the case worker have been analysed and the characteristics have bene saved, metadata is generated and the result is made available to TellusR proprietary search technology toolbox.

The benefits

  • With TellusR installed the case worker will be able to track not only identical cases, but also cases that have similarities, thus greatly improving speed in case handling and reducing the risk for faulty og unjust decisions by the case worker.

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