Unlock your next-level Energy solution with TellusR

TellusR eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so you can get more value from your data.

Research has shown 30% efficiency loss in the energy sector from engineers searching for information. With TellusR this wasted time is significantly reduced. Combining advanced semantic and exact search with data quality improvement algorithms, using TellusR unique proprietary technology will help you reduce down time and hence costs on your assets in production, or reduce time to get your installations into production.

Pain points

While the integration of AI in the energy sector presents numerous opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges and pain points. Here are some key challenges faced by the energy sector in leveraging AI:

  • During the construction or maintenance of energy assets it is crucial to have the right documentation at hand at the right time.
  • Activities delayed due to information retrieval challenges, or performing activities based on the wrong information, lead to delays in projects or downtime of asset.
  • The financial consequences are substantial.
  • If an oil engineer has to spend hours to find the right documentation for a previous gen valve both man hours and lower production drives cost.

TellusR solution

Addressing these pain points requires a collaborative effort from industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and technology developers to create a conducive environment for the responsible and effective implementation of AI in the energy sector. TellusR is here very useful:

  • Advanced search and retrieval of documentation limits delay, hence limit wasted man hours and downtime due to maintenance.
  • TellusR reads documents (PDFs) that are hundreds of pages in several languages. Splits the document in searchable semantic chunks and presents the right part of the document to the engineer at the right time in the right language.
  • This is only how TellusR starts to limit time waste in the energy sector.

The benefits

The integration of TellusR in the energy sector brings forth numerous benefits, contributing to increased efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. Here are some key advantages:

  • TellusR AI search limits time waste and downtime in the energy sector by providing accurate, reliable and precise information to the engineer in the preferred platform at the right time.

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