Technology Partners

We are now building a directory where you can find pros who can assist with Solr troubleshooting, Solr updates, installing TellusR, and anything in between.

While waiting, you can send us an email ( and we will see if one of our hand‑picked Solr and TellusR experts can help you make things happen.


Answers to Your Questions

What are the benefits for us?

You can expect increase in leads, monthly recurring revenue, and number of retainer clients.

Can we be a Reseller AND a Technology Partner?

Sure! Our most successful resellers are familiar with and passionate about our Solr plugin!

Who can be a Technology Partner?

A TellusR Technology Partner is usually a marketing agency, IT company or a full-service web/ecommerce agency with proven experience with SOLR.

How will we be paid?

As an apporoved TellusR Technology Partner we will promote you as a Solr specialist in our network of existing and potential clients. When a client need help from you, they will contact you directly and how you cooperate is up to you.

Do we have to pay commission or a monthly fee to you?

No, we will not charge a single penny for being a TellusR Technology Partner; we just want to make search great again! In other words, being a TellusR Technology Partner is completely risk-free.

What kind of consulting engagements will we get?

It will vary from customer to customer. Some just need assistance installing our Solr plugin, others have many and complex Solr challenges.