A/B-Testing Your Solr

Know What Works

You already knew that the load speed of your website impacts your revenue (if you didn’t, google it and see for yourself). But do you know the impact of the current configuration of your search? Have you ever conducted an A/B-test of two different Solr search handlers?

A/B-testing (often referred to as split testing) your Solr configuration «manually» isn’t easy. If you were to do it yourself, you would have to restart Solr and record your search times or other relevant data and feed the numbers somewhere to compare.

With TellusR, creating an A/B-test of different query handlers is a matter of giving your test a name and clicking your mouse button a few times. In the TellusR Central, you can then compare hit counts, conversion rates and query speed. You get simple graphical and mathematical representations of the differences between your query handlers, and can put or keep in production the one that best fulfills your webshop’s ambitions.

The A/B-testing widget
Setting up an A/B-test with TellusR is as easy as it gets.

Data driven testing with TellusR lets you say goodbye to guesses and assumptions and craft your Solr configuration with TellusR’s solid evidence.

Set up, survey and earn, all in the click of a button.

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