Solr Synonyms Made Simple

Define your synonyms with no hassle

Synonyms are so ubiquitous and common in everyday language that they become transparent, and we hardly ever think about them as anything other than just «words». A machine sees things differently, and the need for synonym definitions is therefore as common as the synonym use itself.

Solr has no easy-to-use interface for adding and maintaining a list of synonyms. You would want to just write them directly into Solr, right? Not figure out the syntax and the location of a specific file and then make sure it has the proper permissions set?

TellusR solves this.
Synonyms in TellusR
Easy definition of synonyms in the TellsuR Central

Through the very simple graphical interface in the TellusR Central, you quickly add your synonyms in an uncomplicated manner. Every time you discover a new, unnecessary zero-hit search, merely add the adequate synonym here to immediately remedy the situation.

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