Insights with Outcomes

Visualized Analytics

In the TellusR Central dashboard, a large number of tools await you to help generate new insights.

The TellusR Central gives you powerful visual overviews

Among the many practical tools aboard the TellusR Central, you will see

  • The speed of your search
  • All recent zero-hit queries
  • New trends in your searches
  • How searches are impacting on your conversion rate
  • How changing your Solr configuration can improve results

Your search data are stored to a time series database, and the unique graph-based TellusR alorithms compress and analyze the data in realtime so you can monitor the searches on your site as they happen.

The Solr search engine is optimized for speed, and getting realtime information about Solr’s performance presents great technical challenges: compression and storing of large amounts of data while still respecting high demands for velocity. TellusR is the only known commercial solution that handles the complicated analysis of thousands of requests per second.

The TellusR Central overview of searches per hour
The TellusR Central’s presentation of searches per hour gives you an overview of your Solr search in the blink of an eye

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