All Solr Features, Refined

All modern websites provide a search. And one of the most widely used search providers for websites is Solr. It is popular, superfast and open-sourced. And the numerous TellusR features improves Solr significantly.

But even though Solr is a household name in the world of search, it does have its weaknesses. Some features are just hard to configure, others are plain missing.

TellusR remedies this. We add more power to Solr by providing additional insights into your data, easier interaction with the Solr setup and runtime, and some new functionality. We simply give you a better Solr search.

Track All Searches

A flagship feature of TellusR is the ability to get a deeper understanding of your customers and how they search. Discover top-performing searches as well as zero-hits, then configure your Solr to the best.

Add Synonyms

Define custom synonyms in your Solr search directly from the TellusR Central

A/B-test Your Solr Configuration

A/B-test your Solr configuration directly from the TellusR Central see the market response to your Solr setup.

A Better Autocomplete

Help customers find the right search quickly, regardless of bad typing

Eliminate the Zero-Hits

Say goodbye to empty search results. See all unsuccessful searches as they happen, and take action immediately.

Semantic Smartness

Go beyond the keywords and determine the intent and the contextual meaning of the words in your clients' searches.

Get Instant Alerts of Failures

Monitor your Solr installation so you never disappoint a customer. Identify and fix problems superfast with TellusR's effective Solr performance monitoring solution.

Boost and Elevate

Boost specific products or brands. Give extra importance to special categories and articles.

Improve Your Fault-Tolerance

Never loose a possible conversion again.